Ocean-Based Climate Solutions, Inc.

Santa Fe, NM, USA

Company Description

Our technology - "The Oxygenator" is deployed in the open ocean and powered by wave energy - produces upwelling of nutrients to trigger photosynthesis, restoring the ocean food web while enhancing natural ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Our funding model - Stock For Carbon - allows public corporations to become more sustainable by directly sponsoring Oxygenators (no intermediaries or gov't action), using common stock for payment (no cash cost, no impact on operations). Dilution is recovered by share price increase (stock market investors now prefer more sustainable corporations), and the corporation gains competitive advantages.

We are now inviting qualified professionals (BA/BS, MA/MBA/MS, PhD) to become CLIMATE CHANGE ENTREPRENEURS (CCE's). Each CCE will produce Oxygenators in or near a port city of their choice and then deploy these Oxygenators in suitable open ocean regions (beyond the country's EEZ - >200nm). Customers you engage will subscribe to become net-zero within about 15 years by supporting your effort. These may be corporations wishing to gain higher "ESG" ratings to achieve strategic and competitive advantages against their peer group; or governments needing to meet their Paris Accord commitments.

We are now establishing crowdfunding avenues for each CCE to raise the required $500,000 to fund the CCE's company formation and startup costs, as summarized below:


US$500k Crowdfunding Campaign

 Beneficiary: A new, Delaware C-Corporation: Climate/Ocean Restoration Effort of [location], Inc.: dba CORE-[location].

 Use of funds:

  • Delivery and deployment of one full-scale commercial Oxygenator wave-driven upwelling pump.
  • Training in production, enabling owner to establish and operate own factory in [location]. Value
  • Management software needed to operate factory.
  • Hardware and tools needed to produce Oxygenators in factory.
  • License and supply agreement enabling the production and deployment of Oxygenators, and marketing of ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to targeted corporations and organizations.
  • Participation in co-marketing alliance – excess demand for Oxygenators is bid out to CORE participants.
  • Participation in CDR validation by our exclusive partner.
  • Corporate setup using GUST.COM.

CORE-[location] ownership:

  • Founder(s) 60%
  • Investors 20%
  • Licensor (Ocean-based Climate Solutions, Inc.) 20%
  • Shares to be issued: 10 million.
  • Post-money valuation: $2,500,000 ($500,000/20%) for 2 million shares, or $.25 per share.

Email me jobs from Ocean-Based Climate Solutions, Inc.


Email me jobs from Ocean-Based Climate Solutions, Inc.