Carbonbase Technologies Ltd.

  • Hong Kong or Remote

Carbonbase wants to create the easiest way that individuals and corporations can use to take effective actions for Climate Change. We are building data analysis and blockchain-backed tools to allow users to calculate their carbon footprint, diagnose emission patterns, offset by purchasing carbon credits. Carbonbase will commit the purchase patterns to the blockchain for transparency and record-keeping. 

In addition, Carbonbase is building a global “Green Loyalty Program”, to reward users with social standing, and commercial discounts for their offset behavior. With the power of our ecosystem, we aim to put the fair weight of the environment back into the economy! 

We are admitted to Polychain Incubation Program (a California-based premier blockchain investment fund) and MiraclePlus Incubation program. (previously known as Y Combinator China, founded by Dr. Qi Lu, former executive from Microsoft and Baidu)