Mission Statement

Greenstand is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developing open-source technology to address climate change and alleviate poverty through digitizing environmental goods and services. Our Treetracker app verifies and tracks individual trees, thus creating transparency in the reforestation sphere. Organizations and donors can locate individual trees and trade their ecological impact. By facilitating ownership of trees and their ecological services, Greenstand allows for tree-growing organizations to stay accountable.


Greenstand develops mobile technology for better forestation techniques. Through our Treetracker app, rural smallholder farmers in some of the most remote communities on the planet are able to earn a sustainable income by planting, caring for, and tracking trees. Each tree grower takes a geotagged photo of their tree and uploads it to the Treetracker’s verification system, where Greenstanders verify that each photographed tree is alive and growing. Verified trees are digitized as Impact Tokens, which can be traded or sold among other Impact Wallet users within the Treetracker app.

Nasiyan was our first Treetracker. A single mother living with extreme visual and hearing impairments, she could barely afford to keep food on the table for herself and her three sons. However, since she began growing and tracking trees with Greenstand, her life has been looking up. Her young forest has become a small biodiversity hotspot, and with the income she has earned from tracking trees, she can now afford to send her boys to school.

Are you interested in helping us fight climate change and extreme poverty? We’re interested in you! Please check out our open opportunities or shoot us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Apr 13, 2022
Volunteer role
Greenstand Remote
Responsibilities: Lead the recruitment, onboarding, and support management of volunteers and contracted personnel throughout the organization. Develop training and onboarding resources generally germane to the organization, with consideration to the needs of Leadership Teams and support from the VP team. Develop, implement and drive Human Relations and Organizational Development of strategic workforce-expansion plans and effective HR processes for onboarding volunteers and contracted personnel. Develop a system for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) throughout the organization to be created, implemented, and revised in accordance with HR best practices for nonprofit organizations in the United States. Generate monthly contributor time log reports to the ED, VPO, and community. Support the Executive Director, VP team, and Leadership Teams in developing, reviewing, and distributing key internal communications to an international team. Support for...