Scale For ClimateTech

  • New York, NY, USA

Manufacturing is tough. Scale For ClimateTech makes it better. We provide technical support throughout the manufacturing process so that founders have confidence in their path to market, make fewer mistakes, and are able to scale up production to meet demand. From early design for manufacturing (DFM) and prototype refinement, to negotiating partner and supplier agreements and managing logistics, Scale For ClimateTech is dedicated to helping you navigate time-sensitive, critical decisions throughout the full manufacturing process.

Participating startups will have access to a team of manufacturing experts ranging from product and package designers to sourcing agents and engineers, a cohort of peers, suppliers, opportunities to showcase and more.

Scale for ClimateTech is funded by NYSERDA and operates programs based in the NYC area run by SecondMuse and the upstate Rochester area by NextCorps. These programs run from Fall 2021 through Summer 2022. There is no cost to join and there is no equity taken.