Greenskies, a Clean Focus company, develops, constructs, operates, and maintains renewable-energy projects throughout the United States. We deliver high-quality solar projects to provide our clients with clean, reliable electricity.

We focus on your unique needs, and we are your long-term partner.
We customize solar projects to meet your cost and green-energy needs.
We own and operate the system, so we will stick with you for the next 30 years.
We are backed by the financial strength of Clean Focus.
We bring a decade of solar experience, one of the longest in the industry.
We manage solar projects from origination to operations.
We built the largest Commercial & Industrial portfolio in the U.S.
We own, operate, and service more C&I solar systems than anyone else.
We offer the lowest achievable cost with the highest quality.
Our vertical integration delivers efficiency and savings.
Proactive operations and maintenance ensure optimal output.
We stand behind our pricing, we do not retrade after winning a project.