• San Francisco, CA, USA

Angaza creates technology for selling life-changing products, such as solar + battery home energy systems, on payment plans in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia. We've reached millions of people who now have electricity for the first time. 

Angaza San Francisco, California
Oct 08, 2021
Angaza creates software to enable financing of life-changing products, such as solar home + battery systems, for low-income consumers in emerging markets. Our software is used every day in 50+ countries to improve the lives of 10+ million people. More than 2 billion people still live off-grid or are unbanked. Connecting them to electricity, appliances, and financial services represents both an enormous global need and a $400B potential market. Angaza provides a suite of technologies —payment processing, hardware communication, point-of-sale tools, and more—so that distribution businesses can reach that underserved population across the globe . This Role We're looking for a senior software engineer to join our Business Foundations team, one of the four product development teams here at Angaza. Applicants should have at least 4 years of prior software engineering work experience. This role is full-stack but heavily emphasizes backend development. You can find key...