Climate Vault

  • Chicago, IL, USA

Climate Vault is a Delaware-incorporated non-stock organization with a pending 501(c)(3) tax-exempt application. Its mission is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while supporting innovation that can remove CO2 already in the atmosphere. 

We work with organizations and individuals to help reduce and eliminate carbon emissions footprints. We do this by using regulated cap-and-trade compliance markets to purchase and vault CO2 permits, so major emitters in those markets like utilities and power plants are prevented from using them to emit. Because the number of permits is capped, keeping them off the market decreases CO2 emissions and provides a quantifiable, verifiable offset.

But we take offsetting a step further. Climate Vault is creating the world’s first large-scale ecosystem linking offsets, carbon markets and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. With the support of our Technology Experts Chamber, or Tech Chamber, chaired by former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, we will identify enterprises deploying effective, viable CDR innovations. We will then use the value of the permits we have vaulted to “purchase” the removal of atmospheric carbon from these breakthrough enterprises.