• Charlottesville, VA, USA

Generation180 is a national non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, VA. We inspire
and equip individuals to take action on clean energy. We create opportunities for new voices to
be heard as clean energy advocates and invest in their growth as leaders.

Momentum for clean energy and climate action is at a high point and growing -- putting us on
the verge of a cultural and economic shift away from fossil fuels toward cleaner, healthier,
more equitable future for everyone. Generation180 works to accelerate this shift by providing
individuals with clear pathways to action and popularizing a new narrative of agency and hope
that says:
● Your energy matters: you can take steps right now that will make an impact and accelerate
our transition to clean energy.
● Together, we’ve got this: the solutions are ready and 100% clean energy is possible; the
transition is happening and we’re making progress. The time to engage is now.
● A new, clean energy future can be more just and equitable, lifting up communities that
disproportionately suffered under the fossil-fuel economy. We are demanding that it be so.