Create a New Asset Class. Feed the Planet. Fight Climate Change.

Recognizing that farming is the single most vital industry on our planet, we want to drive sustainable and prosperous food systems that work for everyone in our globally connected world. We seek to bring creative and transformative capital to farming while opening up a vital asset class to all investors, previously only accessible to the largest institutional investors, despite being a $10 trillion global market. This is a unique opportunity to join at the very beginning of this exciting journey and help grow a truly innovative financial product while also having a positive impact on our environment and food systems.

The founding and executive teams have decades of institutional experience in ag, farmland, and food investing, having previously deployed over $1B into this asset class. We also have deep financial and tech expertise that allows us to build investment products for the future. We’ve raised several million dollars in VC and angel funding to date, have thousands of investors on our platform, and have deployed millions of dollars into farmland deals across the United States.

Our backers include Blue Seed Collective, Franklin Templeton ($1.5T global asset manager), Richie Prager (a former key executive at BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world), founders of Grammarly, founder of Pillpack, former CEO of Fonterra (largest dairy exporter in the world) and many other prominent financial, agricultural and tech professionals.

Our vision is to ensure peace and plenty by investing in the sustainable agricultural revolution.

Oct 08, 2021
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Create a New Asset Class. Feed the Planet. Fight Climate Change. Alongside a changing climate, the global population continues to grow, with expectations of reaching 9.7 billion by 2050. This means approximately 70% more food will be required than is consumed today. With increasing food production needs and decreasing land suitable for cultivation, the world is facing a threat to global food security. Simultaneously, studies show that the global food system accounts for between 11 and 19 billion tons of emissions per year, or a third of global emissions. This makes agriculture a critical contributor – and solution – in the fight against climate change.  In order to navigate scarce natural resources, keep up with the needs of a growing population, and reduce agriculture's footprint, farmers are looking to climate-smart approaches more than ever before.  FarmTogether's mission is to bring creative and transformative capital to natural assets,...