Elseandor Ltd

Hampshire, UK

Company Description

We are a custom database systems creators that specialise in helping young companies with 5-200 staff who need to handle large amounts of data but have no off the shelf package that can do this. They have often resorted to using spreadsheets and a variety of off the shelf sub systems but these are all holding back their growth.

We write the systems they need now and adapt them over time as they grow. 

The systems allow for onsite and remote workers. Access to the system can be via the office network, the internet, by iPad or iPhone or through a web page.

We have helped and supported several companies grow over decades. They have been from a wide selection of industries. The common feature is that they have all been innovative and fast growing.

After several years of support of our local green party (standing for government roles) and having started and run the local Extinction Rebellion groups we are looking for hands-on entrepreneurs who need our help get their world saving ideas off the ground.

We believe that we need political action, we need protest to speed things up but we also need practical solutions.  If you are in this category and could do with some help managing your data and processes - please get in touch. We would love to help.

We are based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom - but our solutions can be set up to run wherever there is a good internet connection.

Our focus is assistance for companies who are looking to mitigate the consequences or help all of us adapt to them.

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Email me jobs from Elseandor Ltd


Email me jobs from Elseandor Ltd