Maintenance Queens LLC

  • Tulsa, OK, USA

My name is Amy Vandenhuerk CEO/founder of Maintenance Queens LLC out of Tulsa OK. I am working towards my degree in chemical/environmental engineering,

We provide maintenance/make ready services to multiple dwelling property owners, property management companies, and HOA’s in the Tulsa area. Our services include, scheduled  HVAC  system checks/cleanings, countertop refinishing, general maintenance,  painting and flooring. 

Previously I served in the Navy for 8yrs as a SEABEE(United StatesConstruction Battalion) As a BU. I specialized in surveying, excavation, form building, pouring, reinforcing, and  curing. 

I later specialized in bridge building and taught warfare. 

As a crew leader on numerous products that required various load capacities I became proficient in calculating required cement and concrete  mix’s in the filed. 

Due to the precautions required to handle hazardous  materials such  as lime, and fly ash, I looked further into the possible  impact that prolonged exposure  could cause to my fellow Seabees, but the whole world? 

Maintenance Queens vision, is to utilize, promote, and educate consumers on eco friendly tech,  and products that are slowing rolling out due to the new California emission regulation.

HVAC and the concrete industries are the leading global warming contributors in the world. With my education in HVAC and concrete (and respect for our planet) I am taking a pledge to “Go Green”limit which will my reduce our carbon Footprint. Maintenance Queens is dedicated to being on the cusp of the new eco friendly technologies and developments.

I am currently working on a formula to strengthen HempCrete, making it possible to use in structural applications. 

In the past technologies where available that were so sustainable that long term would  hinder profits.   With the Paris Agreement now reaching the US shipping ports, Americans should collaborate and share technologies.

I am excited to join your network of like minded individuals.


Amy Vandenhuerk CEO/founder Maintenance Queens LLC