• Melbourne VIC, Australia

Renewable energy is transforming the energy system faster than ever imagined. But not fast enough. To get on track for net-zero carbon, we need to deploy on average four times as much wind and solar as installed in 2020 every year between now and 2030 AND 28 times as many batteries.

Today's energy project assessment methods and tools are outdated for the demands of modern projects - being slow and difficult to use, missing key value streams, and downright expensive to buy.

Enter Vippy, a feasibility & analytics platform for the next generation of energy projects. Designed for assessing new energy projects at any scale - from grid-scale solar and batteries, through to residential VPPs - Vippy makes project feasibility modelling a breeze.

Vippy allows you to setup, run and access results for hundreds of simulations, in minutes. Features include:

- Easy & intuitive to use

- Model complex new energy projects with a rich array of value streams

- Comprehensive inbuilt data library of loads, tariffs and energy market data

- Quickly find optimum project solutions by parallelised modelling

- Explore key results before drilling deeper

- Toggle & compare results across multiple scenarios

- Interactive charts & visualisations - Save results & export data

Who is Vippy designed for?

- Large scale project developers

- VPP aggregators

- Solar co’s

- Energy retailers

- Portfolio managers, or - Investors

Who is behind Vippy?

Spun out of leading management and new energy consultancy New Energy Ventures and trusted by the leading energy businesses in the country, Vippy is the results of years supporting clients with project modelling and assessment.