EverCharge built the world's smartest charging solution specifically designed for apartments, condominiums, and fleets.

We are a rapidly growing leader in electric vehicle Charging solutions for multi-tenant buildings. As Electric Vehicles become ubiquitous, how will residents in condos and apartments obtain charging for their vehicles? EverCharge addresses this problem and we are pretty excited to be a driving force behind the EV movement.

Our Mission:
To enable the widespread adoption of EVs worldwide, through the most intelligent charging solution for fleets and multi-tenant facilities.

Our Story:
Recognizing how complex and challenging it was for residents of condos and apartments to set up EV charging, we founded EverCharge. Our goal was simple: make EV ownership accessible for everyone - not just people who live in single-family homes.

Over the past years, we have built relationships with leading property management companies and vehicle manufacturers that have helped us get EverCharge into buildings nationwide. Today we are proud to serve a customer base that is growing everyday.

Our Award Winning Technology:
EverCharge and our SmartPower technology have been the recipients of a multitude of industry awards for our work in moving the electric vehicle industry forward.