Envoy Technologies Inc.

Envoy is committed to providing affordable, convenient and sustainable transportation to disadvantaged and low-income communities. At Envoy, we want to ensure that the mobility revolution will be inclusive and equal.

Envoy vehicles can also be used by community members to earn money in the Gig Economy, including ride-hailing and delivery services.

Envoy has been selected by the Electrify America program to become the exclusive vendor partner for roundtrip car sharing. Electrify America and its partners are transforming Sacramento into America's first Green City by implementing zero emission car sharing, bus, and shuttle services, bundled with ample EV infrastructure. The program will expand nationwide throughout the next 10 years.

Envoy is working prudently and diligently to launch 280 electric vehicles all within Downtown Sacramento, seeking a total of 140 residential site hosts. Envoy and Electrify America aim to completely eliminate the reliance on emission vehicles within Sacramento, and curtail reliance on single occupancy vehicles. Sacramento is just phase one. We can't wait to see what we're up to next.