• Portland, OR, USA

We believe in a better shared future, one with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a  stable climate to live in. And we believe that our individual behaviors are pivotal in creating this world, one that is realized by the collective impact of everyday people raising voices and taking action for a sustainable future. We are connecting the dots between our actions, our impact, and our will to create significant global change. Each time our dots are connected, we take another step forward, toward our better shared future. 

Since 1993, we’ve inspired, educated and activated individuals around community-based change. To date, has engaged over 300,000 individuals and 4,500 organizations through solutions-focused programs. Our approachable and ready-to-use social and digital tools provide a unique framework for talking about our relationship with the world and sharing new ways to listen, live, and create positive action. These tools include a suite of Discussion Courses rooted in transformative learning and systems thinking and the Ecochallenge digital platform designed to create widespread behavior change. Together, they provide the launchpad for emerging generations and sustainability leaders to experience “ah-ha” moments that lead to extraordinary environmental and social change.