• New York, NY, USA

Acre is a specialist Executive Search, Leadership Development & Recruitment Consultancy. We accelerate the search for purpose-driven leadership by connecting organisations & individuals to the largest, most diverse community at the intersection of social, environmental and economic change.

From London, Amsterdam & New York, we have built our network over almost 2 decades & many are now amongst the most influential purpose-led investors and business leaders in the world. We have never faced challenges like the ones ahead of us right now; from the decimation of our environments affecting biodiversity, to eradication of homes and social structures that enable all to thrive regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnic background. Businesses will not survive the 21st Century unless they are generating social and environmental value as well as economic: All 3 are possible to achieve.

We work with world-leading businesses and the ecosystem supporting them, to place impactful people that can make Business with Purpose & Business that's genuinely Useful, happen.

Despite a challenging time for many, we are humbled and encouraged by the growth of the agenda and the momentum for change. I am always keen to speak with business leaders who want to be connected with the right people and to experienced recruiters who want to switch to focus on purposeful and impactful work.