Scope 3 Consulting LLC

Scope 3 Consulting LLC brings sustainability intelligence to firms, organizations, and individuals by utilizing life cycle assessment (LCA) and other forms of environmental footprinting. Through cutting-edge research and technology development, we cut through data and software barriers to put insights about environmental impact close at hand. Work with us to help build flexible and responsive tools for decision support with public and (strongly) private data.

We are working to revolutionize the data landscape for LCA, creating a distributed web services architecture to facilitate access to public and proprietary data sources. Our technology will enable public agencies, businesses, and researchers to build studies that combine a wide range of data sources, and share their data and models effortlessly with selected partners or with the public. We are leading the development of cloud-based LCA, and we are pioneering efforts to bring secure multi-party computation to the world of carbon footprinting.

We need: LCA practitioners, project managers, developers, business support.