Our mission

We're helping electronics producers be better stewards of their products and the planet. Only ≈15% of electronics end up being recycled and an even higher percentage are left unused. These symbols of our progression as a society are responsible for our rapid environmental decay. We're here to change that.

We build software for electronics companies who are operating producer owned models: that's when a company owns, looks after and ultimately recycles it's products. Charging it's customers to access them. Like an e-scooter sharing platform or a robotics as-a-service business. Which are are not only climate compatible but also brilliant user centric business models.

Our platform solves for two problems that prevent companies from making the switch to this model. Digitising the new operations they will need, now they are the custodians of their products lifecycle. And accessing capital to help smooth out the longer payback periods these models have.

We're building a set of tools and integrations that lets producers manage the lifecycles of their products. We quantify the economic and environmental impact of their products lifecycle. Using this data to give producers instant access to their products future earnings, to help them with working and growth capital. This same data creates a detailed green financial product for our lenders.