Who are we?

We're a digital agency solely dedicated to impact-driven organizations.

We believe companies must step up and go beyond mere transactions. Brands should go for people’s hearts and minds, not just their wallets. We exist to turn nonprofits and socially responsible organizations into more powerful and relevant digital players, providing them with top-notch digital marketing services.

We aim to work with organizations that want to make a lasting impact on the planet. Our partners may be for-profits with a sense of purpose, nonprofits looking into raising awareness and amassing new contributors, or any group or association that feels they should play a part in transforming our world and society for the better.

What we offer

We offer our clients knowledgeable, top-notch digital marketing services.

Search Engine Marketing

Our work in SEM—Search Engine Marketing, or pay-per-click advertising (PPC)—will connect you with audiences wherever they are.

Google Ad Grants management

Google Ad Grants is a program that provides charities and nonprofits with the opportunity to advertise on Google Ads at zero cost. Eligible organizations can spend $10,000 per month to promote their initiatives in Google Ads. By doing this, your nonprofit can become known to audiences that might just be looking for it.

Based on our digital marketing knowledge and expertise, our agency will efficiently convey your message to any people looking for information on your nonprofit. This way, we can be partners to bridge gaps and fight all the inequality, intolerance, and insecurity in the world. Here are some of the Google Ad Grants services we offer.

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