Plant With Purpose

  • San Diego, CA, USA

Plant With Purpose is a global Christian organization that addresses issues of deforestation and climate change, while empowering people to lift their communities out of rural poverty. For more than 30 years, Plant With Purpose has been a leader in operating at the nexus of Environmental Restoration, Economic Development, and Spiritual Impact. We believe that we honor God when we honor people and our planet. Come join our growing team and make a difference at this critical time in human history.

Oct 15, 2021
Full time role
$65,000 - $80,000 yearly
Plant With Purpose Remote (San Diego, CA, USA)
WE’RE HIRING!   Western Regional Representative Do you want to be part of an energetic, inspired, and creative team that is making a huge difference in our world? Are you deeply moved by our current environmental crises? Do you follow the movement of climate advocates who are calling for a dramatic increase in nature based solutions to climate change? Are you well versed in the language of ESG and want to devote your time to something that is making a measurable impact in the world?   Do you have a love for humanity and care about ending poverty? Are you fulfilled by working as a team to support people in discovering their purpose and living into their aspirations? Are you a bold, strategic thinker? What if you could bridge people's deepest passions with the world’s greatest needs?  If this sounds like you, this position might be just what you are looking for. As part of a team of fundraisers, a Regional Representative at...