Eiq Mobility

eIQ Mobility is working to accelerate the electrification of the transportation industry, specifically fleets, through optimized planning, delivery, and operation of electric mobility services at scale. Our vision is to provide zero-emission mobility with zero risk to our fleet customers.

eIQ Mobility believes that the traditional fleet planning and decision process is broken for electric fleets because it requires information about infrastructure, facilities, utilities and rates, incentives, policy, new vehicle costs, different insurance, etc., and this information is difficult to collect and analyze. In addition, the planning process is tedious, time consuming and requires multi-disciplinary knowledge. So fleet executives alone cannot plan, iterate and optimize EV fleet deployments.

This is why eIQ Mobility is building a powerful data-driven awareness, decision and planning platform, that harvests data from fleets, electric vehicle models, locations, facilities, utilities and more, to solve fleet executive pain around continual planning for and electrification of their fleets. The learning across multiple customers, vehicle categories & regions will grow exponentially and become a foundational asset for an