Kitepower is a leading start-up in airborne wind energy, developing an innovative and cost-effective alternative to existing wind turbine technology by using kites for electricity generation.

Kitepower's patented technology is a game-changer in the wind energy sector, using 90% less material while being twice as efficient as existing technology with the same power output. Unlike conventional wind turbines, the Kitepower system does not require resource-intensive towers or heavy foundations and is thus easy to transport and deploy. The system is able to produce energy day and night with both very low winds as well as stronger and more persistent winds at higher altitudes, allowing higher capacity factors than solar PV and wind turbines, and ultimately securing cost-competitive electricity generation.

Kitepower systems are sold to system integrators that plan, build and operate distributed energy grids. The 100kW system currently in development is ideally suited to be integrated alongside diesel generator sets in remote locations to save costs and mitigate dependency on diesel supply, which inevitably opens up new geographical markets for the generation of wind energy.

The company exists to tackle the huge energy issue that our contemporary society is experiencing by offering a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to fossil fuels. The company builds Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES), develops the software that controls the system and ultimately coordinates the international supply chain for the market.