Community Energy

Community Energy, Inc. provides reliable, carbon-free energy including grid-connected solar, wind and storage projects at the scale necessary to meet energy demands of large electric customers, utilities, cities and communities.

Our offsite Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) deliver fixed-price clean electricity at competitive rates for up to 30 years, limiting exposure to market volatility and meeting climate-change and environmental commitments without diverting customer capital and resources. Our projects are designed to meet customer energy demands and sustainability goals within financial budgets.

We are good neighbors in the communities that host our projects. Clean power projects provide consistent long-term revenues to landowners and to local governments. Our projects and construction practices are also consistent with land preservation and family ownership of the land that supports this clean new technology. Our projects are a unique combination of economic development and land preservation delivering benefits without demands for services. We engage openly with our communities and decision makers to assure a favorable result.