Columbia Green

Columbia Green is an Eco-Technology Manufacturer and a leader in developing green roofing solutions. We are an expert team of passionate and creative individuals who are committed to creating and selling products that better our world. Growth and innovation are not only characteristics of Columbia Green's systems, but also our employees who are the foundation of our success.

Our History

Columbia Green Technologies entered the green roof market after recognizing that the available product was failing to effectively and efficiently supply a green roof system that managed stormwater runoff while maximizing plant health. Columbia Green's systems were developed by roofers and environmental engineers. Our team has gained experience in developing systems that are easy to install, drain freely, engineered for healthy plants, aesthetically pleasing, and dynamically manage stormwater runoff.

Columbia Green Technologies is an American-made product supporting local economies and ensuring U.S. jobs around the country. We recognize that now and in the future green and stormwater management solutions will play a dramatic role in the resiliency of our communities. We strive to develop effective solutions to address these current and future challenges.