H Quest Vanguard, Inc

Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the industrial sector exceed 16 billion tons of CO2 per year. At H Quest, our thesis is that the zero-CO2 hydrogen can play a key role in broad industrial decarbonization. Unfortunately, this vision is fundamentally unachievable with the feedstocks, processes, and technologies that are commercially available today. Present-day industrial hydrogen is itself a sector in dire need of decarbonization. Zero-CO2 hydrogen -- whether produced from water via electrolysis, or from water and natural gas via CCUS-instrumented steam reforming -- is too costly and impractical, especially when intended to replace the cheap fossil fuels as a source of industrial heat.

At H Quest, we have developed an efficient, electrically powered hydrogen source based on microwave plasma, with the energy requirement 4 times lower than water electrolysis. The zero-CO2 hydrogen is a by-product of conversion of natural gas, while the high-value product slate is highly tunable and ranges from crumpled graphene sheets to high-structure carbon blacks to platform chemicals.