Gaiascope ('Gaia') is dedicated to maintaining planetary balance and combating climate change. Gaia's focus is the electric grid of the future: building the 'brain' for, arguably, humanity's most complex invention to date.  Through software built to make the electric grid easier to understand and profit from, Gaia helps enable billions of individual components like electric vehicles, solar farms, and demand response to operate effectively, and in parallel.

Gaia's software is a turnkey solution aimed at providing the most accurate, probabilistic, nodal price forecasts across timescales, enabled by (1) highly compute-efficient, modular code, (2) differentiated data, and (3) a practical approach to physical modeling and machine learning that values transparency over 'black boxes'. These price forecasts enable Gaia to offer advice on client needs such as day-ahead bidding and optimal timing of dispatch. The Gaia team is also working to expand their forecasts to enable optimal siting and hedging of assets based on projected long-term market dynamics. To prove its software works Gaia actively participates as a market participant using its own price forecasts, and has generated >60% returns so far in 2021.