ClimateScience brings accessible climate education to the world, helps identify solutions to climate issues, and build communities motivated to solve climate change.

As a global climate education non-profit, ClimateScience offers free, solutions-focused and science-backed educational resources to learners worldwide in an ever-growing number of languages. With over one thousand volunteers and numerous educational resources, ClimateScience has taken the field of climate change education by storm, empowering over 300,000 learners worldwide to solve global problems and act in the face of climate change. 

The resources offered by ClimateScience include courses, YouTube videos, children’s books, a curriculum-aligned schools program, and corporate workshops! ClimateScience aims to replace unscientific communication around sustainability with data-driven, human-centred discussions on sustainable transition pathways. ClimateScience maintains a positive outlook about the fight against time to solve climate change and minimize eco-anxiety.