FloodMapp provides emergency managers in both the public and private sectors with real-time flood intelligence. It is able to do this using a world-first real-time flood modelling solution, purpose-built for flood forecasting and early warning. Aimed at improving safety and preventing damage, FloodMapp provides highly accurate, real-time, property-specific and dynamic flood inundation and depth insights for businesses exposed to flooding.

FloodMapp combines big data analytics, automation and machine learning techniques with novel hydrology and hydraulic models to achieve large-scale, rapid flood modelling. Our proprietary technology reads in real-time and forecasted rainfall and river height data, which our models use to estimate predicted peak river heights and generate inundation mapping at scale.

By offering predictive inundation extents of an impending flood up to 7 days prior, emergency managers are better able to respond effectively and take the actions required to prevent loss of life and damage to properties.

With offices in Australia and the United states FloodMapp's mission is to reduce the total human and economic cost of flooding to zero.