Ceres Imaging

We are an aerial spectral imagery company that helps growers optimize their water and fertilizer application. Our high-resolution multispectral images are captured via low-flying planes and processed using highly advanced image processing and crop modeling techniques. The images reveal highly accurate, real-time information of the water and nutrient status of every plant in a field. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve a diverse base of growers, from California to the U.S. Midwest, to Hawaii and Australia.

We are data-as-a-service: growers pay by the acre and receive imagery along with the support needed to integrate it with their broader crop management practices.

Our product reveals diseases, parasites, and weeds; points out where irrigation and fertilizer is over or underused; and spots irregular distribution of plants. Growers use it for field accounting, issue spotting, and week-to-week irrigation and fertilizer management, among other applications.