My Pandit - Your Personal Astrologer

MyPandit has well experienced and expert astrologers who analyse the planetary positions in one’s horoscope and provide guidance in every phase of life. Our professional astrologers use Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP) of astrology where they predict the exact happenings of any events in life with higher accuracy. Be it your family life, childbirth, business, career, education, talk to KP astrologer and get the readings to know how to obtain happiness in your life.


It is important to approach experienced astrologers always. Our famous astrologers UK help to predict your future based on the cusps, in which houses are measured and each cusp is the connection point between two houses. The accuracy in the prediction helps to plan a better future too. You will never miss out on any important events in life and get the right guidance on how to deal with the stress and confusion in life in a better way. Talk to KP astrologers and get personalised reading and live a happy life.