Blue Frontier, LLC

Blue Frontier is ushering a revolution in Air Conditioning. We are developing ultra-high efficiency Air Conditioning technology and products that slash electricity consumption. Our systems also store energy, allowing us to shift electricity consumption so that it only occurs when renewable energy is plentiful and when transmission lines are not congested. We make flexible the biggest electrical demand driver in buildings. 

Air Conditioners are the fastest growing users of electricity in the world. If current trends continue, the electricity consumption of Air Conditioners will be equivalent to today's combined electricity consumption of China and India by 2050! This would wipe out most of the gains in energy efficiency and GHG reductions that are being implemented today. 

While air conditioning is essential to human health, productivity, human development, and comfort, present technology is unsustainable.

At Blue Frontier, we are facing these daunting challenges head-on. Our goal is to bring to market our game-changing products in a global scale and before it's too late.