BrightSource Energy

BrightSource Energy's proprietary solar thermal energy system is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive clean energy when needed most.
BrightSource's solar thermal energy systems generate power the same way as traditional power plants by creating high temperature steam to turn a turbine. However, instead of using fossil fuels or nuclear power to create the steam, BrightSource uses the sun's energy.

At the heart of BrightSource's proprietary solar thermal system is next-generation solar field design, optimization software and a control system that enable the creation of high pressure, high temperature steam. The steam can then be integrated with conventional power plant components for electricity generation or for use in industrial process applications, such as thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Benefits of BrightSource's solar thermal system include:

Optimized solar field design to match utility peak generation. demand requirements
More reliable and consistent power output than intermittent renewable resources such as photovoltaic (PV) solar and wind.
Increased production capability through thermal energy storage and hybridization with fossil fuels.
Application for industrial purposes, including enhanced oil recovery (EOR)