Axine Water

Our Story:
Each year industrial manufacturing operations worldwide in virtually every market generate billions of gallons of wastewater contaminated with toxic, non-biodegradable organic pollutants. Much of this wastewater can't be treated on-site and is trucked off-site for incineration or deep well injection. It's a complex, multi-billion dollar pain point with significant long term risks to industry, communities, human health and the environment.

Axine was created to solve this problem and establish a new industry standard that delivers exceptional performance, flexibility and value compared to incumbents. Today, we're achieving this goal with an incredibly talented and entrepreneurial team who are passionate about delivering solutions that disrupt the market and deliver the highest value to customers.

From modest beginnings, Axine has grown from concept to scale-up and commercial deployment with multinational customers. We're incredibly fortunate to be supported by a global network of world-class research agencies, suppliers, advisors, partners and investors in one of the world's top cleantech ecosystems. We're proud of our accomplishments and we're just getting started. Join us as we continue this journey.