Our Story:

As corporate water use and wastewater treatment specialists, our journey began when helping a client solve an urgent compliance problem. They were overwhelmed by excessive water flow and contamination. Our initial task was to expand their wastewater treatment plant. Almost immediately we realized problems were not outside in the treatment plant; they were inside the building.

If we could eliminate our client's unnecessary water use and contamination at the source, their compliance issues would disappear. Not only would this be better for the environment, our client would avoid spending millions on building and running new treatment plants. A big idea was born.

Tests at several locations proved the idea could work. Our client reduced their water use by more than 20%. Savings exceeded the cost of keeping waste in check.

APANA has been on a mission to eliminate water waste in the built environment ever since.

A technology company using a proprietary, cloud-based analytics platform to SCAN, PINPOINT, and GUIDE resolution of water waste by instantly alerting frontline staff. By working with APANA, any business can analyze, manage and account for its overall water footprint, and get real-time information to the frontline to save water and money. Industrial and commercial companies of all sizes and all sectors can use APANA's fully automated solution to reduce compliance risk and strengthen operational sustainability.