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We will achieve our purpose by uniting the food supply chain through the creation of a “sustainability fabric” woven using data and predictive analytics that balance supply and demand, reducing food, water and energy waste — all while eliminating more carbon than is produced.

Thought for Food

Here’s the deal: One-third of the world’s food goes to waste. Which means all the water, energy and greenhouse gases used to produce that food are wasted with it, making the food industry one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

This is an issue with a $990 billion price tag for the food industry and an even bigger one for the planet. And with the world population expected to grow to 10 billion people by mid-century, the costs will only increase. It’s an insanely complex problem, but we believe the solution is simple Economics 101: supply and demand.


What if we could eliminate waste by better balancing the supply and demand of food? 

On-demand delivery is changing the landscape for food brands, creating a massive opportunity: data. Zume uses real-time food consumption data and predictive analytics to help food companies better predict demand, connect it with production and drive better resource decisions down the food supply chain.

Our technology harnesses that data and gives it purpose by allowing any food company to tap into our infrastructure. We call it a sustainability fabric, because it weaves all the pieces of the food system together in a way that’s better for business and our planet.

Here’s how it works

 Zume Forward makes this data actionable, with mobile kitchens, connected appliances and predictive analytics that enable food brands to expand operations closer to customer demand and use resources more efficiently.

Zume Source brings data to the supply chain, creating smarter and more sustainable methods for how food is grown, produced and delivered, including 100% compostable fiber-molded packaging that, at scale, is more affordable than paper or plastic.

And Zume Culinary ensures that quality never suffers by elevating hospitality throughout the delivery experience with menu design, advanced commissary techniques and process automation.

Zume is creating a connected technology infrastructure across the entire food supply chain. We’re hopeful that, together with our partners, we can create better outcomes for businesses and a healthier planet in the process.

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