Cambond’s proprietary technology makes low carbon, sustainable adhesives from biomass (algae and by products of bioethanol fermentation and others) feedstocks and provides a way to manufacture formaldehyde-free ‘green’ adhesives in a cost effective manner.

Cambridge start up company designed to develop and commercialise technology using readily available biopolymer and biomass to manufacture a next generation adhesive platform to cover wood panel industry, packaging, medical devices, cosmetics and other niche applications. The company has been set up by two Cambridge based entrepreneurs Drs Xiaobin Zhao and Gareth Roberts. The company with the core technology (BCB Technology) is named as a finalist in 2014 Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technology Competition. Cambond is the Winner of Cambridge News Top Innovative Company in 2014 and win the third place of European Largest CleanTech Climate-Kic business competition in 2014.

Cambond is member of Cambridge Cleantech, a world centre of excellence for environmental technologies. Now Cambond is in the Climate-Kic Accelerator programme to commercialise the technology to serve the world wood panel industry. In addition, Cambond receives support from Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Enterprise Plus for business development.