Extensible Energy

What We Provide:

Pioneering Solutions and Professional People
Extensible Energy's client services span strategy, program planning and evaluation, economic modeling, and delivery of advanced technology solutions. We deploy the appropriate domain experts for each client, for each project. Our teams use a structured collaborative approach that results in timely completion of agreed-upon milestones throughout each engagement. The EE client services team takes pride in bringing high-quality deliverables to our clients on time, in budget, and right the first time.

How We Work
Innovation, Collaboration, and Partnership
Extensible Energy's involvement with State and Federally sponsored programs earns them great pride and recognition. The team collaborates with some of the best engineering, mathematical, and logistical minds in the renewable energy industry using innovation and clarity in building the tools that make renewable energy work for everyone.

Solutions are shaped in a constructive, collaborative, and iterative method. Integrating ideas from the entire energy ecosystem requires deeply understanding the intricate complexities of specific rate and tariff schedules, disparate climates and topographies, regional regulations, bureaucracies, and other common barriers.