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ReGrained is a fast-growing mission-driven food company based out of Berkeley, CA.We are an ingredient platform and packaged foods innovator specializing in upcycling nutritious byproducts into tasty superfoods. Upcycling is all about repurposing to create products of higher value, promoting best use and improving the way we value our planet’s precious resources!

Through Edible UpcyclingⓇ, we seek opportunities to render one supply chain into the beginning of another through processing and product development innovation.

Powered by patent-pending tools, culinary creativity, and passion, we are focused first on the nutritious grain byproduct of beer brewing—elevating it from “spent” to “super.”After we make our magic happen at our ReGrainery, we createReGrained SuperGrain+Ⓡ.This nutrient-dense “flour” is the backbone of our award-winning upcycled nutrition bars, puffs and premium wholesale ingredients.

More broadly, ReGrained exists to better align the food we eat with the planet we love. We are here to prove that a) overlooked, but awesome potential ingredients are hiding in plain sight and b) we can render them into incredible foods that are simultaneously good for people and the planet. We love Edible Upcycling because of its straightforward potential to do well by doing good, serving the triple bottom lines of people, planet, and profit

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