4P Foods

The triple-bottom line the concept that in addition to profit, businesses should also measure and be accountable for their impacts on people and the planet is a huge step forward in business consciousness. But at 4P foods, we want to take things one step further. Businesses must be responsible for their impacts on the environment as well as the people and the communities they work with. They also must be financially solvent, making enough money to pay good wages and invest in innovation. But you can do all of those things and still have a company that at its best, simply isn't too bad. We believe that companies must also exist for a purpose. Purpose, People, Planet, Profit The four P's of 4P Foods. Our Purpose is to create a just and equitable food system in the United States. This can be done by ensuring that all people have access to farm-fresh, healthy food, grown using sustainable and humane practices and that the people who produce that food are able to earn a fair and dignified living doing so. That's why 4P foods sources from environmentally responsible family farmers in the Washington DC foodshed. It's also why we donate 1 bag of food to one of our partners for every 10 bags we deliver. Our partners include Fauquier Food Bank, Local Food Bank Partners, YMCA Capital View. And why we make it as easy as we can for you to get farm-fresh, healthy food delivered right to your building every week. That's why we're here, and that's why we hope you will join us.