Apex Clean Energy

For every companyno matter its sizeenergy makes growth possible. More and more, companies are looking to clean energy procurement as a strategic business decision to support their growth and business bottom line.

To reach this fast-evolving market's full potential, Apex is creating a path for renewable energy purchasers of all sizes. Even those investing in the projects themselves.

The Apex Approach to Solar

Apex's solar strategy builds on the expertise and data-driven philosophy that has led to the largest wind energy portfolio in the country.

Our experienced team leverages its existing development, transmission, construction, and asset management capabilities to tailor solar solutions to our customers' needs. Solar is a perfect complement to our core wind business and the emerging storage sector.

The value of energy storage is rising, and costs are falling.

Apex offers energy storage solutions, either as a standalone product or as part of a renewable energy system. As the cost of battery storage has declined, new opportunities for managing energy supplies have emerged. Apex has extensive experience in developing renewable energy projects and can help customers achieve their energy goals through a variety of products.