Glass Point

Solar Energy for Industry:
GlassPoint delivers the lowest-cost solar energy to power industrial processes. We are operating and developing some of the world's largest industrial solar projects in the United States and Middle East.

Industry is the largest user of energy worldwideand the vast majority of industrial energy use, 74%, is consumed in the form of heat, not electricity. That's where GlassPoint is focused. We offer turnkey solar thermal facilities, fully integrated with industrial processes.

By harnessing sunshine to produce steam, instead of burning natural gas or other fossil fuels, GlassPoint is helping industry leaders reduce production costs while eliminating carbon emissions throughout the value chain. GlassPoint designed its enclosed trough technology to overcome the operating challenges found in remote industrial locations and to deliver the lowest-cost steam.

We've forged partnerships with energy leaders and strategic investors including Royal Dutch Shell, Aera Energy, Petroleum Development Oman and the State General Reserve Fund of Oman, the country's largest sovereign wealth fund. Together, we're working to lead the industrial sector toward a cleaner, lower-carbon future.

Our Values:
We're a global team excited by doing things no one has ever done before and are committed to making a difference. Our SHARP core values are what unite us and keep us moving in the same direction.