Scoot Science

Scoot Science is building a virtual window into the ocean by predicting the underwater weather.  We give our ocean-based customers a critical edge for operations, risk management, and planning by using the best available oceanographic data and science.

If you’re an ocean lover and a science nerd, a person focused on healthy ways humans can interact with the environment, and excited about the intersection of technology, data and decision making…let’s talk.  

Scoot Science is a California-based, distributed startup founded in 2017 by a team of experienced oceanographers, computer scientists, and data scientists.  We use data, analysis, forecasting, and beautiful presentation to give our customers the best insight into what’s currently happening, and what will be happening, in the coastal oceans.

Our first customers are fish farmers. Marine aquaculture is a significant method to reduce climate impact, as it shifts protein production away from damaging terrestrial locations and their associated carbon and methane effects.  Our services enable a transition to aquaculture on a larger scale.

At Scoot Science, we value ethical practices, a high quality work environment, and diversity in backgrounds and perspectives. These values drive our innovative culture.