Woods Hole Research Center

The Woods Hole Research Center is a scientific research organization that studies climate change impacts and solutions. WHRC was named the world's top climate change think tank for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 by the International Center for Climate Governance.

Located on a 10-acre campus near the village of Woods Hole, the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) is a private, non-profit research organization and acclaimed leader in addressing the great global environmental issues of our time through science and policy. Its core focus is to conduct high quality scientific research, and policy analysis/implementation, on environmental and economic issues. A leader in its field, WHRC has 60 staff members, and attracts some of today's top experts on global environment issues. For four years running, WHRC has been ranked the world's #1 climate change think tank by the International Center for Climate Governance.

WHRC has an annual operating budget of $11M, and FY18 is on track to be the most successful fundraising year in the organization's history. Philanthropic support is vital and allows WHRC to develop and inform worldwide policies and scientific strategies in response to climate change. The Center conducts research throughout the Amazon, the Arctic, central Africa, and North America, and collaborates with a wide variety of partners to understand the causes and impacts of climate change and to implement more science-based policies. Dollars raised support complex worldwide research, education and policy formulation in the areas of arctic warming, tropical deforestation, conservation and restoration. Approximately 40% of the Center's funding currently comes from competitive federal research grants awarded to the scientists. The Center also receives significant programmatic support from private foundations and individuals. We are an equal opportunity employer.