UtilityAPI is a utility data service for the new energy economy.

Overview: UtilityAPI is mission-driven software company based in Oakland, California. Our data exchange tools are used to accelerate deployment and monitoring of distributed energy resources and energy efficiency technologies. Some of the top solar, storage, and energy efficiency companies use us every day. For utilities and utility vendors we enable seamless data access and behind the meter insights through our safe, secure, and standardized data exchange platform. We also work with regulators and local governments to shape effective utility data access policies.

At UtilityAPI we bring value to all sides of the energy economy through easy-to-use, standardized energy data. Our customers trust us to get them the data they need so that they can focus on their work. Good data is the foundation of the energy transition, and we are proud to provide that foundation.

Our Mission: UtilityAPI's mission is to create a secure and standardized data infrastructure for the evolving energy economy.

Our Story: Our founder, Daniel Roesler, started UtilityAPI after experiencing the difficulty collecting and parsing customer energy data at a commercial distributed energy company. It turned out this pain point was a fundamental problem holding back the energy transition. So we're fixing it.

Fighting Climate Change Through Data Access: The energy transition is good business. It is also making an impact. Through our work at UtilityAPI, we dramatically lower the barriers for deploying clean and energy efficiency technologies. We estimate we prevent approximately 15 million pounds of CO2 emissions every month. That is equivalent to a car driving 18 million miles per month (over 700 trips around the earth)! We have one of the highest impact per employee ratios in the industry, and we are proud of the outsized impact we are having in the fight against climate change.