Generation 180

Generation180's founding was prompted by a growing realization that we are at a tipping pointin America's transition to clean energy. The convergence of macro trends across the power, commercial, finance, and political sectors, as well as the arrival of rooftop solar power and electric vehicles to the mass market, have made it possible for our generation to fundamentally change our direction. We can now dramatically accelerate the arrival of a 100% clean energy future.

Clean, renewable energy is growing fast. Together, U.S. solar and wind power generation have quintupled in the last decade. Leading corporations like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Walmart are buying renewable energy and helping drive our power sector's transformation. We have exponential growth and a clear goal: Stanford researchers have mapped out a roadmap to get to a 100% clean, renewable energy future by 2050with the technologies we have in hand today.

Public support is at an all-time high. Four million people around the globe made their voice heard by turning out for the 2019 Climate Strike. Not only does bold action on climate have incredible momentum, but clean, renewable energy has support across both sides of the aisle: 7 out of 10 Americans think clean energy should be a high