C16 Biosciences

  • New York, New York, United States

C16 Biosciences is a biotechnology firm that uses microbiology to brew sustainable alternatives to palm oil. It was founded in 2017 with the objective of creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to conflict palm oil. By offering producers, refiners, traders, and consumers of palm oil an opportunity to invest part of their production into bio-based oils and sustainability efforts, C16 Biosciences' aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of palm oil production and protect precious natural land, wildlife, and resources in the process. Fermentation is a well-proven commercial process that has been used for centuries to convert raw materials into consumable commercial products consumed by billions of people every day. C16 Biosciences believes that brewing palm oil like beer is the most likely path to developing a truly sustainable palm oil alternative. C16 Biosciences' palm oil is sustainable which doesn't involve deforestation, endangering precious animal species, or forcing inhumane labor practices. The result is a world where consumers can enjoy the products they love without worrying about the dangerous practices involved in making them.