Cooler, inc.

Cooler connects every consumer purchase to a solution for global warming. We pair cutting edge environmental research with AI to generate data that makes a big difference in consumer and corporate behavior. In our earliest stages, we’ve already done things like footprinting everything Walmart sells. 

Consumer demand for climate action is reshaping the business landscape, and brands that lack a sustainability message are being left behind.

Cooler’s climate change API is making it easy for companies to connect every purchase to a solution for global warming. Our technology instantly calculates the carbon footprint of any product or service, and lets businesses — or their customers — take direct action to eliminate it.

Our team of climate experts and technologists has worked with global retailers, brands, and financial institutions to make commerce a force for good. With the world poised to reboot the way we live, there’s never been a better time to make the planet a Cooler place.