Ecopin LLC


Ecopin is a concept for a social media platform that uses a “social mapping system” to get users to engage in their community in a few different ways. On the social map, a user can see pins of different colors, most of these pins are created by other users. As pictured above, each color pin has a different purpose. The green, red and orange pins serve primarily as environmental pins. Green pins show us environmentally friendly points on the map, such as sustainable businesses and public services, whereas red and orange pins are environmental threats. The blue pin is the event pin. Any events that go on in your local community can be a blue pin, weather it be a town hall meeting or a farmers market. The two goals of ecopin are to get users more engaged in their community and to encourage environmental sustainability by bringing attention to both the sustainable practices in a community, as well as the things that threaten the environment and the health of those who live in the surrounding area of a red pin.