OXWASH is revolutionizing the washing industry. By uniquely combining next-generation cleaning and logistics platforms, OXWASH is closing the loop in inefficient processes in the growing on-demand hospitality and catering industries.

OXWASH was founded in 2017 by Dr Kyle Grant, born out of frustration from the perpetually broken washing machines in his college laundry.

Armed with just a bike and a backpack, Kyle started collecting and washing clothes for fellow students, this quickly snowballed into a growing on demand laundry business as interest grew.

Oxwash is now fully operational in Oxford with an ever growing team and we are very proud of our shiny new state of the art laundry facility. Next...The rest of the World!


OXWASH is excited to grow into new cities, new countries and wash new things, we are proudly venture-backed and rapidly iterating our technology along with our exceptional partners.

We are developing a modular and rapidly scalable model that we will deploy into new cities across the UK as well as to other countries.

Our goal is to eradicate the impact of washing on the world's ecosystems whilst developing the ultimate in cleanliness and finish. We are determined to lead the charge and prove a closed-loop washing process and service is possible.