The company started by three University of Waterloo friends in a basement has evolved into the leading authority on traffic data. Miovision began as a traffic solution company, but our continued approach to innovation and dedication to solving real-world problems has led us to where we stand today: helping cities achieve their smart city visions.

A major shift is happening in cities all over the world. Smart cities are beginning to take shape and we believe that with the right approach every city big or small can be a smart city.

Cities have been trapped in vendor-locked agreements for too long. Miovision puts cities back in control of their data and gives them the tools they need to achieve success. Because we believe that when cities come first, everyone wins.

With the rise of IoT and technological advances in all aspects of modern life, citizens expect their daily interactions with city infrastructure to work in the same efficient and seamless manner as all other areas of modern life. Citizens are starting to insist on less traffic, on-demand city services, and accessibility for all. Miovision helps shape this vision into reality.